Espresso Machine Is Real Ground For Bacteria

Spanish scientists have discovered that espresso machines are real ground for bacteria.

Experts at the University of Valencia during the two months examined the contents of the filter from nine coffee machines. According to results published in the journal “Scientific Reports”, it is clear that bacteria “love” coffee.

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In each machine is found at least 35 and no more than 67 types of bacterial colonies, including some pathogenic strains, namely those of which a person can get sick.

Bacteria seem to enjoy the high temperatures and chemical processes of making coffee. Type of coffee and the frequency of using the device had no effect on the composition of bacteria present.

The most common types of bacteria found was Pseudomonas, which helps to build caffeine. It is harmless, like most others in machines.

But, it is detected and those of dangerous family –  enterococci. Two of them are common in the human guts – E. faecalis and E. faecium.

Scientists believe that they are probably due to machines via unwashed hands of users.

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