Natural Medicine For Prostate – Homemade white wine and yarrow ..

The prostate is a male sex gland that is located between the bladder and bowel flat and surrounds the urethra that conducts urine from the bladder through the penis. 


Whit Its shape the prostate is similar to chestnuts, and consists of smooth muscle cells and glandular epithelial tissue, surrounded by a thick fibrous capsule.

The prostate contain a variety of active substances that protect sperm, keeping them mobile, and allows them to survive.

At birth, the prostate is like the size of a bean. It grows slowly until puberty, when suddenly increases and reaches its normal size and shape. Normal prostate in adult male weighs about 20 grams, a diameter is 3,3 centimeters.

This size prostate keeps until mid-thirties, when she starts to increase due to the multiplication of cells.

This multiplication of cells we call adenoma and it is a benign hyperplasia or benign prostate enlargement.

Diseases of the prostate can be a variety of acute prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis, hyperemia up to the most fearful diseases, and it is prostate cancer.


Good folk remedy in the treatment of diseases of the prostate and cancer of the prostate is:

In  glass bottle of 1 l  put 5 tablespoons of yarrow and fill it with white, homemade wine. Allow liquid to stand for 2 weeks and after that wring it well.

You should drink one or two tablespoons of two to three times a day.

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