Six Plants That Make Breast Grow

Plastic surgery became the fashion, but nature still gives the best. Here are tips on plants that are not common, and have a powerful effect on breast size …



The first on the list is fenugreek seeds, originating from Greece. Seeds can be purchased at any herbal pharmacy, and should be soaked in water overnight. On the second day massage your breasts with that water.

Arctium has long been known by a variety of beneficial effects, and eating arctium increases blood flow in the breast tissue and strengthens the reproductive system. It also helps digestion.

Fennel is not used just for tea fto soothing cramps in babies, but its ingredients anethol, dianetholim and photoanetholima increases the amount of estrogen in the body.

Additionally contains phytoestrogens, which stimulates breast development and increases the production of milk in nursing mothers.

Licorice also contains the same ingredients as fennel, so the effect is same.

Anis is a Chinese herb that is used as a seasoning, but the ingredients in it affect breast growth, so you can start use it more often for these purposes.

Finally, there is the Pueraria Mirifica, Thailand herb used in creams and lotions, anti-wrinkle. There is also active ingredient in creams and pills for breast augmentation, because it reinforces and make breast firmer.

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